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This is a guide for beginners getting into the world of cryptocurrency such as bitcoin and litecoin.

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Step One: Creating a Wallet

Step Two: First Trek into the Mines

Step Three: Using your Coins

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Crypto-currency is a type of payment that has been gaining in popularity since it's conception in 2009 with the start of Bitcoin.  It is a peer to peer currency which means that there's no centralized system and that it relies on individual nodes which are referred to as peers. This allows for buying and selling between crypto-currency users without having to go through a middle man. The system is completely digital and there are no physical bills, coins, etc. Since there is no central system that keeps track of everything, it is your responsibility to keep your digital wallet secure. All transactions using crypto-currency are final and are irreversible. It would be wise for you to keep in mind that all of the crypto-currencies are fairly volatile and could change at any time. You could lose hundreds of dollars overnight, or it could be the complete opposite and you could be a couple hundred dollars richer.

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What is Bitcoin?

What is Bitcoin?



Bitcoin and Litecoin, the two most used crypto-currencies.

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